Vedanum Pink and Epsom Bath Salt Mix with Green Tea Extracts – Root Natural

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Vedanum Pink and Epsom Bath Salt Mix with Green Tea Extracts

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The sea minerals present in pink salt helps in a detox bath which improves the quality of cleansing and lower inflammation. Muscle Soak salt mix is enriched with pain relief properties which adds refreshing, antiseptic and anti bacterial elements to bath. It also helps in treating skin odour due to sweat and small skin problems. Enjoy the real touch and fragrance of dehydrated rose petals, carefully chosen from organic fields to add zest in bathing.

Untreated Himalayan Pink Salt (Raw Crushed), Matcha, Dehydrated Rose Petals, Sandalwood Oil, Ayurvedic Herbs and Purified Black Salt.

How to  Use:
[For Bath Tub]

(1) Open the pack very carefully without mishandling the salt.

(2) Take approx. one-fourth of the salt (1/4) in an empty cup.

(3) Gradually add the salt to a standard-size bathing tub.

(4) Ensure water is enough warm for salt to start dissolving.

(5) Once the entire salt dissolves allow water to absorb minerals.

(6) Stirring well helps the salt and minerals to dissolve faster.

(7) Any grain left can be disposed of or stirred well again.

(8) Soak the body for at least 10 minutes for skin cells to activate.

(9) Allow the body to deeply detoxify for the next few minutes.

(10) Wash off the entire body with regular tap or warm water

[For Shower]

(1) Take a bowl and add a small amount of bathing salt.

(2) Mix an equal amount of olive oil and coconut oil into salt.

(3) Generously apply the mix onto the body or specific part.

(4) Massage well into circular motion with clean hands.

(5) Allow the salt to deeply detoxify skin and remove dirt.

(6) Wait for a few minutes for the salt mix to sit and heal the skin.

(7) Rinse the salt mix well with regular tap or warm water.