Vedanum Milk and Shea Butter Ubtan Mix with Beauty Elixir Luxury - 75G – Root Natural

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Vedanum Milk and Shea Butter Ubtan Mix with Beauty Elixir Luxury - 75GM

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Full of vitamins and minerals, this ubtan is powerhouse to provide gleaming glow and tan removal luxury. Shea butter is known for its skin smoothening and texture improving properties. It also keeps the skin hydrated and rejuvenated with its high density of creamy element. Milk lower skin inflammation and helps skin brighten up with lactic acid present in it. It also stimulates new cell growth. In ancient Ayurveda and modern dermatology, ubtan is one of the most Natural form of beauty enhancement in a world full of chemical based products. With 0% additives and 100% vegan ingredients, Vegan ubtan is safe for kids and works on any skin type. All natural and freshly prepared ubtan mix with a unique blend of vedic herbs and selected ingredients that reduce signs of aging and unwanted hairs. It comes added ground minerals and sources of protein for enriching beauty session every time.


Purified Aqua (moisture balance), Rose Oil, Milk Solids, Shea Nut, Gram Flour, Turmeric, Dehydrated Rose Petals, and Added Ground Minerals

How to Use:

[With Rose Water] (1) Unpack the jar carefully without mishandling the mix. (2) Add a tablespoon of scrub mix into a clean bowl. (3) Mix two teaspoons of fresh/ any organic rose water. (4) Add more water if required to make a smooth paste. (5) Generously apply the paste on selected body part. (6) Massage/ scrub in circular motion for few minutes. (7) Allow the past to dry up naturally or under a ceiling fan. (8) Rinse off thoroughly with regular tap or warm water. (9 Dap the skin with dry towel carefully after the wash. [With Fresh Milk] (1) Replace rose water with fresh milk and follow the same steps.