Vedanum Handmade Red Wine Soap with Skin Softening Minerals Fortified – Root Natural

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Vedanum Handmade Red Wine Soap with Skin Softening Minerals Fortified Luxury Bathing Bar Combo Pack- 250 gm

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Our packaging is made of recyclable materials. We use very minimal plastic and encourage our partners to do the same.

Vedanum Fortified Luxury Red Wine soap with matured antioxidants wine. A skin loving luxury, richly formulated with Phyto nutrients, healing emollients, and humectants to replenish 24 HOURS moisture and restore the skin cells. Red wine is found to be extremely beneficial for the skin. The soap is packed with antioxidants like flavonoid, resveratrol, and tannin. These elements selectively protects the skin from aging by restoring collagen and elastic fibres. Red wine is also anti-inflammatory and antiseptic that cleanses the pores, clears acne and reduces the chance of future texture breakouts.


Natural Oils, Glycerine, Body Butters, Ayurvedic Root Extracts, Vitamin, Ground Minerals, and Essential Oils.

How to Use:
Unpack the soap bar. Apply generously on wet body and gently lather evenly. Allow soap to dry for few seconds to heal the skin cells and wash off dirt. Rinse thoroughly with warm or regular water.