TVAM Henna - Natural Indigo - 100gms – Root Natural

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TVAM Henna - Natural Indigo - 100gms

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Our packaging is made of recyclable materials. We use very minimal plastic and encourage our partners to do the same.

Tvam Natural Indigo is used to colour your hair without using any chemicals as it is a 100% natural product with only pure Indigo leaves. It not only gives colour to your hair but also helps in preventing hair loss.

Indigo(Indigofera Tinctoria)-100%

The Pure Henna has to be purchased separately along with Indigo to get the colour. Use the henna the first day as directed on the Pure Henna pack. Mix the Indigo the next day in water and apply immediately on the hair and wait for 2-3 hours. Divide your hair in four sections and apply the paste from the root to the ends evenly. Rinse off thoroughly with any Tvam natural shampoo. The indigo colour will be effective in 48 hours. Do not use any oil on the hair when applying this henna and if the hair is oily, remove the oil before application.