Organic Harvest Pure Banana Extract Volumizing Conditioner - 200 ml – Root Natural

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Organic Harvest Pure Banana Extract Volumizing Conditioner - 200 ml

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Banana Extract Pure Conditioner by Organic Harvest masters, offering volume and bounce to your hair. The power of pure banana along with coconut and aloe vera helps in managing frizzy hair. Infused with the power of 100% organic ingredients, a banana conditioner for volumizing hair brings the desired smoothness and luster to tresses by moisturizing and nourishing the scalp and hair roots alike.


Organic Harvest's Pure Banana Extract Best Volumizing Conditioner With Coconut Oil & Aloe vera. Banana fruit is rich in silica content, which, when absorbed by our body, produces collagen, a protein that acts as a building block of bouncy and beautiful hair. Organic Harvest brings you the power of pure banana extract with other organic and natural ingredients to get bouncy curls and smooth hair.


 Ingredients. Major Source of all ingredients are Glucose | Sugar Beet | Guar | Plant Oils | Coconut | Aloe vera | Fruits and vegetables | Rice | Banana

How to Use:

Step1: Take the required volume of conditioner & emulsify it in your palm for 3-5 seconds. 

Step2: Make sure your hair is wet before you apply the emulsified banana conditioner on your scalp and hair. 

Step3: Smooth the lather by massaging properly and rinse thoroughly.