Organic Harvest Desert Cleanser, 100gm – Root Natural

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Organic Harvest Desert Cleanser, 100gm

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The hydrating cleanser helps wash away all dirt, and impurities from your skin, leaving it fresh and supple.
It sufficiently replenishes the moisture loss that takes place with every cleanse.
The bioactive complex of 3 fruits of the Australian desert contains vitamin E, folate, and minerals like zinc, magnesium, calcium, and iron that also help protect and nourish the skin for improved skin.


The ingredients harvested from the desert nourish your skin, provide ultimate hydration for your skin, and promote vibrant and glowing skin, leaving the skin youthful and healthy


The unique combination of Australian Desert fruits rich in antioxidants, fruit acids, and essential minerals nourishes the skin, protects against the harmful effects of UV and pollution and provides younger-looking skin.

a. Quandong also called a wild peach or desert peach is found in the dry open Savannah and Desert regions of Australia. Similar to apricot and peach.

b. Desert Lime thrives in semi-arid regions of Eastern Australia.

c. Wattle Seed is a native bush found in the Central Desert of Australia.

How to Use

Pump a generous amount and apply the cleanser on the wet face and neck in upward strokes in a circular motion.

Rinse thoroughly.