Frescia Tea Tree & Neem Anti-acne Face Scrub - 100 gm – Root Natural

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Frescia Tea Tree & Neem Anti-acne Face Scrub - 100 gm

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Time to detoxify your skin to bring out the real you!

Frescia's Tea Tree Neem Anti Acne Face scrub is the perfect solution for you if you have been constantly jumbling products that treats your acne without spreading it. While neem lightens dark spots, provides healthy glow and unclogs your pores, the active components of tea tree combat with excess sebum and treats your acne leaving you with fresh, clean and acne-free skin.

Frescia Tea Tree Neem Anti Acne Face Scrub is a daily facial exfoliator which is highly enriched with Neem extract & pure Neem Oil and perfect for dealing with blemished skin. It provides your skin a perfect soothness.

The infusion brightens up skin tone, rejuvenates your skin and makes your skin healthy. It helps to remove acne, blackheads. Additionally, this tea tree neem anti acne face scrub can slow the process of ageing of the skin. You can clearly notice the shining and glowing effect on the skin after a few weeks.


Dead Skin cell removal

Oil control

Skin rejuvenation

Fights Acne

Skin brightening

Apply Tea Tree Neem face scrub all over the face, rinse it after 15 mins

Suitable for All Skin Types. It is designed for both Men & Women.


Tea Tree:Tea tree helps in getting rid of stubborn acne, leaves your skin cleaner and smoother.Neem:Neem makes the skin soft and supple and helps to remove acne scars and pigmentation

How  to Use:

Dampen your skin Use a small quantity to gently massage on your skin in circular motion. Use ring finger around your eyes for massaging.Rinse off your face. Pat Dry. Apply amoisturizer or Argan Oil Cream