Frescia- Tea Tree Haircare Combo - 2 packs, 300ml. 200 ml – Root Natural

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Frescia- Tea Tree Haircare Combo - 2 packs, 300ml. 200 ml

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Embrace the opulence of Ayurvedic Tea Tree Hair Care combo for healthier locks!

Dandruff can be a real turn off in your life. While you have been trying to treat your dandruff with harsh chemicals, Frescia has formulated an all-natural haircare range just to help you achieve dandruff-free healthy hair without paraben, SLS or any other toxic chemical ingredients.

Tea Tree Hair Care Combo, the combination of Refreshing Tea Tree Shampoo & Tea Tree & Shea Butter Conditioner, is the antidandruff best combo for women and men. Tea tree oil has been known for its antimicrobial properties that helps to reduce dandruff and bid them a good bye.Shea butter is another natural ingredient that can help you to make your hair smooth and silky. While tea tree shampoo deeply cleanses your scalp and hair, tea tree & shea butter conditioner nourishes your hair strands and scalp to help you obtain naturally glowing, silky and fuller hair.

Benefits of Tea Tree hair Care Combo:

Deep nourishment

Fights Dandruffs

Softening and hydrating

Prevents hair loss

Restore shine

How to Use:
  • Wet your hair
  • Take a small quantity  of argan oil shampoo and lather it up
  • Apply on the scalp and massage every inch of your scalp 
  • Wash off the shampoo thoroughly till the water runs clear
  • Use towel to soak excess water until water stops dripping from the ends
  • Take some argan oil & shea butter conditioner 
  • Gently apply on every strand of hair
  • Leave it for 3-5 minutes