Frescia Kaolin Clay Face Mask - 100 gm – Root Natural

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Frescia Kaolin Clay Face Mask - 100 gm

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Give your skin a detoxify treat with Frescia's Kaolin clay face mask!

It is a perfect solution for excess oil and skin irritation like breakout, redness and rashes. The active ingredient Kaolin is a natural exfoliant to remove dirt and dead skin, scrounging flaky skin and maintain a perfect oil balance on your skin.

This gentle cleanser sucks out the impurities from your skin to give you a flawless supple face.

Frescia's Kaolin Clay Face Mask exfoliates, detoxifies and extracts impurities located deep in the skin. It not only absorbs excess oil, but also removes dead skin cells, dirt and toxins to reveal fresh, soft skin with clean pores.

It can significantly increase the blood flow to your skin cells. As a result of which your skin texture will be perfectly refined, helping you to achieve healthy skin.


Gentle on skin

Skin rejuvenation

Tan removal

Whiteheads and blackheads removal

Balances sebum on skin

Absorbs toxins without drying the skin

India's First Natural Kaolin Clay Mask to Detoxify your Face

Suitable for All Skin Types. It is designed for both Men & Women.



The deep cleansing properties helps you get rid of dirt, whiteheads, blackheads and all other impurities on your skin

How to Use:
  1. Rinse your face and pat dry
  2. Apply the clay face mask in adequate quantity on your face and neck
  3. For best result, mix a small amount of  Cucumber Toner with the Kaolin Clay Face Mask
  4. Leave it to dry. It may take 20-35  minutes. Listen to music, watch movies, read books to give yourself a break!
  5. Wash of the mask thoroughly with water. Pat dry with a clean towel. Apply a moisturizer or Argan oil cream