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Focus - For increasing Focus & Concentration in your life - Infused with pure essential oils, herbs & roots this oil is truly magical and will help in increasing your concentration powers ! Blended with pure Ylang ylang, Cedarwood ,Peppermint ,Orange & Eucalyptus oil, along with rare herbs related to concentration along with basil, aswagandha, sage herbs matured for over 4 days. This oil can be used for manifesting Focus & Concentration in your life.


Blend of rare herbs, roots and essential oils related to enhancing the concentration power of the brain. 

How to Use:

 Aroma oils can be effectively used through the sense of smell in candles , bed linen, wardrobes , potpourri , bath tub etc.

Pour few drops of the oil in your palm and inhale after gently rubbing both palms for immediate relief, pour few drops of the oil in diffuser or vaporiser.  

 Not to be used by pregnant and lactating women.

This product is not intented to diagnose , treat , cure or prevent any disease.