Februus AROMA HAMPER - LOVE – Root Natural

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For Love & Romance in your life

This limited edition gold leafed gift hamper is a perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones. The candle, oil & bath salt are infused with Lavender, Neroli, Bergamot & Sandalwood oil, along with rare herbs related to love along with rose petal, lucorise root & lavender matured for over 4 days. The combination of Rose & Vanilla oils with rare herbs eases your mind and helps your brain secrete Oxytocin , known as the love hormone, provokes feelings of contentment, calmness, and security.

This hamper contains -

1 x Aroma Candle (100 gm)

1 x Aroma Oil (10 ml)

1 x Aroma Bath Salt (50 gm)

1 x Manual Card

Caution -

Not to be used by pregnant and lactating women. Keep away from children and pets.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Specifications -


9 x 9 x 3 inch

Material of Box

Recyclable Wood

Gross Weight

700 gm



Aroma Candle - 100% natural soy wax, blend of rare herbs, roots, and pure essential oils related to love hormones, matured for over 4 weeks.

Aroma Oil -  Blend of rare herbs, roots, and essential oils related to love hormones for yourself and your family.

 Aroma Bath Salt - Blend of Epsom salt, Pink salt, Essential oils & Dried flowers.

 How to Use:

Aroma Candle -  Light the candle while getting a massage, taking a shower, before your bedtime, while studying or working or as per your convenience to enhance the experience.

 Aroma Oil - Aroma oils can be effectively used through the sense of smell in candles, bed linen, wardrobes, potpourri, bathtubs etc. Mix 2-3 drops of this oil with a suitable carrier oil for body massage, pour a few drops of the oil in your palm and inhale after gently rubbing both palms for immediate relief, pour a few drops of the oil into the diffuser or vaporizer.  

 Aroma Bath Salt - Add a spoonful of the product into a tub or bucket filled with warm water, stir and soak in the tub or bucket for 20 minutes and rinse off with warm water.