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Dromen & Co Apothecary Jade Beauty Bar (Electric Vibration Massager)

Rs. 1,999.00

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Our packaging is made of recyclable materials. We use very minimal plastic and encourage our partners to do the same.

Our 360 degree waterproof Jade Beauty Bar is plated in nano 24k gold and an authentic Jade stone head. It emits 6000 micro vibrations per minute. The microelements and the micro-vibrations stimulate facial muscles and in return tighten, lifts and contours the face. It helps skin care products penetrate deep into the skin, reduces puffiness, wrinkles, increases blood circulation faster because of the micro vibrations.The energy from this bar will have a positive effect on your skin. After daily use, your skin will feel tighter, more rejuvenated and shine with a natural glow. It delivers a deep massage with 6,000 vibrations per minute, helps relieve muscle tension and helps in blood circulation for fresh, younger-looking skin. Round head with high density Jade stone adds mild vibration to push and patting face skin and therapeutic point.

*The compatible battery type is AA. Batteries are not included in the box.


Relax facial muscles.

Reduces wrinkles around eyes, lips, forehead & neck.

Helps in Blood Circulation.

Skin Tightening.

Skin Revitalization

How to Use:

•Before using the stone, make sure your face is clean and apply a little bit of hydrating serum or facial oil of your choice.

•Use a “Sweep Technique” over the cheek and forehead area where there is sufficient room to maintain contact with the side of the tool & your skin.
•Sweep in an upward direction towards your ear or temple in one smooth movement without lifting the tool off your skin.
•Each sweep should be 10 times for best results.