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Carbon Bae Charcoal Chocolate Coffee Scrub

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Getting naked never felt this good! CARBON BAE Charcoal Chocolate Coffee Scrub (200 g) is all your face and body need for a fruitful shower. The coconut shell steamed activated charcoal cleanses & detoxifies your skin. Coffee stimulates blood flow & promotes collagen production, buffs away all cells that are dead & bad. Cocoa beans rich in antioxidants nourishes, hydrate & help to tone the skin. The scrub helps to match up the tone of the neck to your face and underarms to your body making your life even.

How to use:

1. Wet your skin

2. Apply over face/neck/underarm/hands/ legs or elsewhere.

3. Scrub it on the skin for 30 secs in a circular motion.

4. Rinse off suitable for all skin types and daily use.


Robusta Coffee, Cocoa powder, Coconut shell steam activated charcoal, Sea salt, Black cumin, Tea balls, Butter, Manjal (Turmeric), Ambazham (Spondias pinnatta)