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About Us

Because you deserve healthy skin!

We believe that there are a plethora of skincare remedies in our very own soil and culture which we want to uplift. We are here to promote the richer side of India through these homegrown brands. This platform is a one-stop solution and provides an opportunity to all enthusiasts irrespective of age & gender to obtain safe and best quality clean personal care products.

Gender Neutral

Price Inclusivity

Empowering Indian Brands

Clean living

Our Founder

Pooja Parkar

A skin enthusiast who began her journey of going clean & toxin-free right back from her college days.

Pooja got the concept for Root Natural while presenting a mapwork for one of her assignments. The concept was to build an innovative platform in India that would sell chemical-free, cruelty-free, and clean beauty products.

She started Root Natural as a platform to showcase Indian Skin Care while pursuing her master's degree abroad, where myths and assumptions about India and Indian standards were looked down upon.

Promoting the Indian richness through Indian businesses became a mission for Pooja to start Root Natural as a platform to showcase Indian Skin Care and take people back to the era of ancient secrets.

Meet Our Team

Jayshree Parkar

Co- Founder

An entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience who is a source of inspiration for many. After making a mark in the FMCG industry and establishing herself in five countries, she plans to expand into the clean beauty sector, where she believes her knowledge and experience will help the venture reach new heights.

Bistriti Poddar

Chief Communication Officer

Bistriti Poddar is a celebrated writer, content strategist and TEDx Speaker and now among Asia’s 100 power leaders in Marketing and Communications and is expected to get listed on Forbes. Searching for change, responding to it and exploiting it as an opportunity is what she does best.

Pooja Belhaware

Business Development Manager

Pooja loves working with brands and is an outreach Pro. She's an all-time learner who loves to approach everything from different perspectives. Her life mantra is simple- Live Clean, Eat Clean! When not at her desk, you'll find her watching Korean series, healthy cooking recipes, bringing different ideas for the creative or experimenting with ideas. She's always up for Samosa pav.

Muskan Saxena

Content Writer

With a passion for words, our content strategist interest lies in putting out impactful content on our platforms! Inspired by everything around her, she’s an all time learner who loves exploring the unexplored. When not working, you’ll find her scrolling through social media, watching cooking recipes, or listening to old Bollywood Music playlist she’s curated for herself. She enjoys surprising her colleagues with gajar ka halwa made by her.