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Kapaas is our rose-based soap-free face cleanser ideal for sensitive skin. It cleanses the skin without stripping it away from natural moisture and hydration. It leaves you with dewy soft and glowing skin that you long to touch...
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Say Aloha to plump, kissable lips! The magical antioxidant properties of geranium rose oil, and the anti-ageing benefits of lavender oil rolled into one perfect bottle for lips that need some extra love! helps to give the lip...
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Ohria candles burn slower are non toxic and produce less soot. Natural scents from essential oils and plant botanicals render them safe for the environment. Handmade pure copper and brass containers enhance positivity. Natural,...
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This is a serum with actives and plant extracts that balances your sebum secretion and still feels as if nothing is applied. That’s right, it is lightweight! Serums are considered to be an essential product in every skincare ro...
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Activated Charcoal is a miracle ingredient that helps unclog and reduce the appearance of open pores. This deep cleansing face mask removes excessive dirt and oil leaving the skin feeling extremely refreshed. Aloe Vera Gel soot...
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It helps in de-stressing, relaxing and builds up concentration. The Amethyst Electric Roller can reduce sunburns, acne scars and stimulate collagen production in the face. It is designed to provide all the goodness of the tradi...
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Bahya Snehana, is a traditional healing massage meant to encourage the body’s disposal of toxins. With strong, synchronized strokes, the practitioner can alleviate mental and physical pains. A versatile tub of minty aloe vera...

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