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The Unplugged

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Simple. Sometimes, our skin is unable to retain moisture due to dryness, pollution, stress, inadequate water intake, sun exposure and many other such factors. Some of this product’s ingredients (like rose hydrosol, aloe vera, a...
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Dry, flaky or parched skin makes your overall skin tone look even more uneven and dull. This day & night cream is infused with zinc oxide, carrot seed oil, avocado, turmeric, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E & B5 & other ...
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Excessive use of gadgets, sun rays, lack of sleep, and dehydration rips your skin with essential vitamins & natural healing properties. It is important to load your skin with restoring agents like Centella Asiatica & Vi...
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When switching to shampoo bars from the regular use of liquid shampoo, some people find that shampoo bars can leave behind a small film of waxy buildup in the hair. This can easily be addressed by using your favourite condition...

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