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Sweet Almond Oil

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Earth N Pure’s Sweet Almond Oil is 100% pure carrier oil which is extracted from the edible almonds which are extensively found in the southeastern regions of Asia and the Mediterranean. It is nutrient rich and is known for its...
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MADE IN INDIA A light, golden oil with the goodness of Almonds, Essentia’s Extra Virgin Sweet Almond Oil is perfect for baking, making desserts as well as a base for dressings & marinades. Our Almonds are sourced directly f...
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To increase immunity, Veda5 Pure Almond Oil is recommended for both children and adults. Almonds are high in vitamin B, potassium, and anti-inflammatory vitamin C, in addition to fats, proteins, magnesium, and vitamin E, all of...
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This oil is a must have for the overall well being of the body , it is a multipurpose oil which can be used for body massage , hair massage , baby massages and for direct oral consumption. For smooth, soft and supple skin apply...
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Being one of the oldest and most widely grown nuts worldwide, Almonds are famous for their rich nutrient source. Sweet Almond Oil is abundant in Vitamin E, vitamin A, monounsaturated fatty acids, zinc, potassium, and proteins. ...

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