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A feather-like supremely moisturizing formula, enriched with exponentially soothing & hydrating Aloe Vera gel-based body lotion. Absorbs quickly, improves skin tone and texture with calendula, almond and jojoba oils. Wheat ...
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A wholesome skin-nourishing bathing bar, enriched with nourishing pure honey, almond, oats & kokum Butter. It cleanses, leaving the skin silky soft & smooth. Cold-pressed coconut & wheat germ oil with jojoba extract...
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A blend of cold pressed oils of Sesame, mustard, almond & cows ghee to penetrate deeply, reducing dryness and softening soles. Also blends raw honey, cane sugar & Kokum butter to promote healthy and supple skin. It draw...
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Vedanum Fortified Luxury Red Wine soap with matured antioxidants wine. A skin loving luxury, richly formulated with Phyto nutrients, healing emollients, and humectants to replenish 24 HOURS moisture and restore the skin cells. ...
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Be elated to a tropical paradise with the delicious, juicy aroma of Banana & Cinnamon scrubalmost good enough to eat! Gently restore skin moisture with this rich and replenishing collection of natural, fruit-based scrub. Ma...

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