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Combines two skincare steps (serum step + moisturiser step) in 1 product for quick, easy use.Created keeping oily and acne-prone skin in mind, for an effortless glow without greasiness.Fast-absorbing and never sticky – designed...
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Are you looking for a multifunctional product that purifies, exfoliates, and brightens all at the same time? Look no more, here is our one-step facial. A vitamin C concoction of red algae, pineapple & pomegranate, the cream...
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The Himalayan Dew Drops have the power of skin healing sandalwood and skin brightening licorice, which make this serum beneficial in reducing pigmentation, acne scars and giving the skin an even, clear tone. Promotes glowing sk...
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Nyumi is conceptualized, created and powered by women who understand that a fine balance between responsibilities and ambitions needs overall wellness. Our job is to make the power of daily nutrition accessible, effective and t...
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An all-natural foaming face wash, packed with nourishing botanicals and plant actives, specially formulated for removing impurities such as dust, dirt, excess sebum, and make-up residues. Gently exfoliates naturally brightens...
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Time to call it quits with your acne (for real this time) with the Ex Acne Serum! This gentle but extremely potent formula unclogs pores, balances sebum production, heals acne scars and hyperpigmentation, treats and prevents ac...
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A Cleansing Gel that effortlessly dissolves, sunscreen, waterproof makeup, dirt leaving the skin clean and soft. A gentle formula to let your skin breathe which works wonders on dry and flaky skin. -A gel to milk cleanser for...

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