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Your body deserves the same standards of care as your face! To be treated with smart, effective ingredients that are safe, nourishing, and effective. • Contains 5 molecular weights of Hyaluronic Acid which penetrate deep into ...
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Urjaskara or rasayana enhances the quality of the body tissues. It boosts both physical and mental health, prevents ageing and diseases, thus enabling one to experience an extented youth. Protect your skin from pollutants an...
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We know your hands have become too dry and have worn off because of constantly washing it with soap and water. Even sanitizers would have caused damage because of the alcohol content. But guess what? We have made something, esp...
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A splash of color and a spoonful of tenderness. The Love earth Liquid Mousse is not your typical liquid lipstick. Instead, it's rich in matte color and made with the most nutritious natural components, including Vitamin E and J...
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A heavenly delicious chocolate flavored Lip Buttermask is rich in luscious pure Ghana Cocoa that provides deeply Hydrating, enriching & smooth lips.   Absolute Hydration Amazingly delicious flavor & fragrance Smooth T...

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