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Organic Micellar Water is a gentle cleanser that works to improve skin tone and leave you with a naturally cleansed, smooth, and hydrated skin Improve skin tone Smooth, and hydrated skin   Aloe Vera Extract - Heals, smoo...
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You'll be pleasantly surprised at how gratifying a couple of minutes of massage can be. You'll have skin that looks and feels rejuvenated, plump, and cleansed, your spirit & mood will be uplifted and you will be ready to sl...
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Green tea blotting paper is infused with natural green tea extracts and 100% pure pulp.Specially developed for hot and humid environments, this delicate paper is ideal for oily skin. . The green tea flecks/extracts have skin pu...
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Our cotton removes make-up without using any make-up remover or cleansing solutions, but just with a little bit of water. It is best for the basic cosmetic needs and is an amazing dual on-the-go cotton swabs .Includes 50 Pads. ...
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Well hello there! Yes, you are right to be here. Our Love Earth ARGAN OIL-INFUSED MICELLAR WATER is here to get rid of all that makeup you have had your entire day. It thoroughly cleans your skin. Our Micellar Water is based o...

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