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An omnipotent ButterMask that remarkably reduces pigmentation, restores skin firmness, and seals in skin moisture throughout the day with an incredibly high-performing Active “Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38”. Boosts collagen and r...
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An overnight Lip ButterMask effectively reduces hyperpigmentation, lip lines and boosts collagen production. With an overnight treatment of super-effective, opulent Actives - Amazonian Pracaxi Seed Oil (Retinoid) & Palmitoy...
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      Clean & Treat Lip Care Routine (Men) Lip Wash™ + Night Lip ButterMask Unlock Fresh and Healthy Lips by Combating Tough Pigmentation with this 2 step Cleanse & Repair Kit. This Duo is your Ultimate key to Fresh, ...
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Clean And Hydrated Lip Routine Kit Lip Wash™ (Men) + Chocolate Lip ButterMask Get Visibly Clean Lips with Immediate Boosts of Hydration that lasts upto 12 hrs with this Refreshing and Hydrating Kit. A Refreshing Lip Cleansing...
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Couple Lip Cleanse Combo Lip Wash (Men & Women)   Power duo for Power Couple  Unlock Hydrated, Lightened & Clean Lips Everyday with a Refreshing Lip Treat of this Powerful Lightening & Hydrating combo.   Intense ...
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   Clean & Treat Lip Care Kit (Women) Lip Wash™ + Night Lip ButterMask  Get Rid of All Day Long Dirt & Pollution with our Lip Wash while our Cult Favourite Night Lip ButterMask Treats your Stubborn Lip Pigmentation. Th...
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Cleanse & Prep (For Pigmentation & Dryness Reduction) Lip Wash™ (Women) + Day Lip ButterMask   It's time to take your lip care routine to the next level. This duo brings you everything you need for smooth and glowing ...
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A heavenly delicious chocolate flavored Lip Buttermask is rich in luscious pure Ghana Cocoa that provides deeply Hydrating, enriching & smooth lips.   Absolute Hydration Amazingly delicious flavor & fragrance Smooth T...
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Just like our skin our lips too need overnight care and for that we have Love Earth VitaminC lip sleeping mask for all our gorgeous people. A lip mask that has vitamin C content and provides long-lasting moisture. It is a natur...
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Whether it is gentle exfoliation, lightening pigmentation or adding that plumpness to your lips and skin, it does the job with ease. Pigmentation Dry Skin Dehydration  Honey°, Vegetable Glycerine*, Persea Gratissima (Av...
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Dewy Lips is a unique lip oil that also works to reduce oxidative stress, lighten pigmentation, while also hydrating your lips. Infused with Bidens Pilosa, Gotu Kola and Carrot Seed Oil, this beautiful light-weight formulation ...

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