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A gentle Sulphate-free formulation, designed to carefully cleanse the scalp and hair, while adding body and shine. Prepared using a unique blend of natural herbs and oils that deeply clean and nourish the scalp. Rita promotes...
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Hair oiling and massaging is the best solution for all your hair woes. Dromen & Co Ayurvedic Hair Brew Oil is a magical formulation of fifteen clean Ayurvedic herbs such as lavender, vetiver, reetha, shikakai and others inf...
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Clear Scalp is a non-greasy exfoliating scalp serum that addresses scalp build-up and gives the scalp a squeaky clean feeling, creating a base for other products to work more effectively. excess oil build up dandruff  Az...
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An anti-dandruff shampoo that helps balance oil production, prevent dandruff from recurring and provide soothing relief. Enriched with an active compound of Black Pepper & Inga Bark that is clinically proven to effectively ...
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Enriched with goodness of mysterious herbs that gently conditions your treated hair leaving them smooth, silky, shiny and soft. Sweet Almond harvested from the hilly region of northern India nourishes your hair, lubricates each...

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