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How to take a time-out from hectic work-from-home hours?

It’s often tough to practice self-care with the hectic schedules while adjusting the work from home routines during the global pandemic. Yet, while the pandemic has wholly changed the work-life balance dynamics, self-care is imperative.
Learn from Root Natural Work from Home Skin Care Routine

1. Do not ditch the sunscreen
Even if you are not stepping outdoors or are not directly exposed to sunlight, a moisturizer with SPF 30 is always essential. The HEV rays from our devices can also lead to skin damage, and sunscreen can help prevent these blue lights from damaging our skin.

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2. Focus on natural Skincare
Unlike chemically infused products, vegan and organic products for skin care are a healthy alternative for effective skincare. Natural products contain the goodness of ingredients rich in vitamins, minerals, herbs, essential oils, and nutrition and can substantially target various skin concerns and needs.

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3. Hydration is the key
It is vital to keep your body hydrated, which will help the skin to breathe and gives it nourishment and glow. With work from home norms, one can use hydration apps and keep track of one’s water drinking intervals and habits. To ensure that the skin is hydrated on the outside too, natural water-based and alcohol-free toners can also help.

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4. Moisturize dry hands
With the onset of the pandemic, sanitizers and frequent washing of hands may lead to dryness of hands. It is recommended to use a natural hand wash infused with the goodness of nourishing ingredients like aloe vera, honey, neem, etc. Hand creams infused with natural oils can help lock in moisture after cleansing.

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5. Masking while you work
With constant screen time and work from home norms, sheet masks infused with serums can be helpful. In addition, chilled sheet masks and natural face serums can be anti-inflammatory and also soothes the skin.

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6. Instant Massage
Take small breaks to uplift your mood and relax your facial muscles. For example, a two-minute facial massage with a few drops of serum or facial oil in upward firm strokes can be rejuvenating and relaxing.

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