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How to change a skin care routine for winter?

Winters can throw off any skin. Therefore, it’s essential to get ahead of the game and prepare your skin well for the upcoming winters.

Get ready for the perfect glow with best winter skin care routine by Root Natural:

Regular exfoliation

Dead skin cells buildup often led to clogged pores and make the skin extremely dull and dry. It is recommended to exfoliate your skin at least 1-3 times a week to remove dirt and unclog pores. Regular exfoliation with the help of high-performing skincare products and flawless serums and moisturizers leaves your skin feeling fresh.

Use the right moisturizer

There are no second thoughts that moisturizers are a must, and however, one must choose a slightly thicker and richer moisturizer during winters. With the lack of humidity during winters, the skin can become easily dehydrated. Therefore, moisturizers that are hydrating yet lightweight on the skin will help to nourish the skin better.

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Nourish your lips

Winters often led to dry and chapped lips. Apply a light layer of lip balm every morning post brushing and even before you wear makeup. It will help your lips to stay supple and will provide the right amount of moisture. A good coat of nourishing lip balm at night enables the lips from feeling dry overnight. 

The right temperature

A hot shower may seem like the right thing during winters, but it can further damage the skin. Lukewarm water and a hydrating cream-based soap or body wash will help achieve optimum results. 

Skin sensitivity

Seasonal sensitivity can be very distressing, and you might need a little extra care. Keep calming and anti-inflammatory products like aloe and cucumber handy. Keep your skin regime simple and resist overhauling. 

Don’t skip sunscreen

Sunscreen is a year-round necessity and a staple even when the temperature cools down. Though we are less exposed to the sun during winters, a good SPF is essential to protect the skin from harmful UV rays.

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