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5 Amazing Summer Skin Care Must Haves

Summers are here and so are the Skin Concerns that call for some summer skincare pampering. Summer brings with it both excitement and worry for some, but it also brings with it a dire need for everyone to take summer skincare tips and a better care of their skin than ever before.

With temperatures that high, the sun will undoubtedly cause skin damage. There's the heat, which dehydrates it, sweat and pollutants, which clog the pores, and makeup, which aggravates its condition. Whether you enjoy sunbathing or prefer to avoid it as much as possible, you must take adequate efforts to provide your skin with the love and care it requires through a good summer skincare routine.

As a result, sticking to a summer skin care routine that contains products that your routine would be incomplete without is essential. And no, we're not only talking about sunscreens here. Summer skincare essentials include so much more, and we're here to help you understand and simply incorporate it all into your regular skincare routine.

To help you out, we’re listing key skincare products you'll need this summer (and every year) to pamper your skin and keep it looking healthy and glowing.

  • Cleanse Thoroughly 
  • Cleaning is the foundation of any healthy skincare routine, and it's even more vital in the summer. Kaapas Himalayan Origins Kapaas Soap Free Rose Face Cleanser has got you covered for your 1st step of your summer skincare routine. Kapaas a rose-based soap-free face cleanser ideal for sensitive skin.It cleanses the skin without robbing its natural hydration and moisture. It leaves you with skin that is dewy soft and radiant, and you want to touch it. There are no preservatives in the cleaner. Its ingredients are gentle and safe on skin such as Rose petal powder, ideal for sensitive skin as rose deeply hydrates and moisturises the skin while maintaining a healthy glow. Also it contains Kaolin Clay that helps to draw out dirt and impurities from the skin’s surface with its amazing ability to draw out toxins keeping your skin summer healthy. 

  • Lock in your Skin Moisture 
  • Your skin looks out for a dose of hydration, much like you'd seek for a refreshing summer cooler. Moisture is one of the most important aspects in keeping your skin healthy, and without it, your skin is vulnerable to damage. Do you want your skin to be damaged as a result of a lack of moisture? No, we already know the answer! Add a hydrating moisturiser to your summer skincare routine that will not only hydrate but also seal in the moisture for a long time, addressing skin issues including dehydration, dryness, itching, and flaky skin. Qurez Hydrating Moisturiser With Niacinamide And Hyaluronic Acid, that protects your skin from changing weather, temperature fluctuation, pollution, dehydration etc.  

  • Add some Serum Glow 
  • Face serums are moisturisers containing active ingredients that are highly concentrated, they penetrate the skin more deeply than other lotions and creams, and they're best applied after toning and before applying a typical moisturiser.

    Serums are particularly effective moisturising agents during the summer, when the skin becomes sweaty and sticky. So, without further ado, here is something you should consider investing in without hesitation: a First-of-its-kind body serum that gives you an instant glow, while improving skin tone & texture over time. Combines two skincare steps (serum step + moisturiser step) Unsweetened Beauty- Royal Flush Hydration Boost is easy to use. Created by keeping summer skincare for oily skin in mind, for an effortless glow without greasiness. It's designed to layer with your other skincare and makeup products because it's fast-absorbing and never sticky.

  • Tone it Well 
  • When it comes to dealing with grease-slick skin, toners have traditionally been the go-to remedy. A cooling and relaxing sensation definitely makes it count under summer skincare essentials. Often taken for granted, toners are an absolute essential for summer skincare routine, They not only help in minimising pores but also aim to rebalance the skin's pH levels. And to help you pick the best one just like Frescia Cool Cucumber Toner - 100ml, Frescia's cucumber toner minimises visible pores, balances your skin's pH levels, and gives you a refreshing boost. This alcohol-free hydrating toner contains the cooling properties of cucumber to soothe sensitive skin, reduce inflammation, and puffiness, leaving your skin soft and plump. 

    The cool cucumber toner from Frescia successfully maintains your skin's pH balance, tightens pores, eliminates excess oil, and instantly refreshes your skin. Cucumber is high in vitamin C, flavonoids, and tannins, which provide a pleasant cooling sensation, prevent skin irritation, and minimise blemishes, redness, and puffiness. Cucumber toner's antimicrobial properties make it beneficial against skin infections. Cucumber extract's antioxidant properties improve skin texture and reduce inflammation, which causes puffiness and dark eye circles.

    It also hydrates the skin and leaves it soft, clean, and calmed, with an exquisite finish. It's appropriate for all skin types.

  • Mask Up 
  • What better way to calm our skin than with cooling and refreshing face masks? With our favourite BLISCENT Charcoal & Green Tea Face Mask that we completely swear by, we have you covered from choosing moisturising components to picking natural ones. This face mask is rich in Activated Charcoal, which aids in unclogging and minimising the appearance of open pores. This thorough cleansing face mask eliminates debris and oil from the skin, leaving it feeling revitalised. Aloe Vera Gel calms the skin and keeps it cool, while Lavender Essential Oil combats acne-related redness and inflammation. All summer skincare staples include tomato and papaya extracts, which assist to tighten pores and make your skin seem luminous all summer long. 

    Get your summer skincare game on with these 5 Amazing Summer Skin Care Must Haves

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